5 Tips To Stay On Track With Your Health & Fitness This Weekend

Stay healthy this weekend

Ever feel like you work SOOOOOOO hard to stay on track all week long, and then you COMPLETELY undo all of your progress over the weekend? You cringe as you step on the scale on Monday morning…and then wonder why you even bother if every week you just start back at square one?

Yup…that used to be me…I wanted to make healthy changes in my life…but I also wanted to go out on a date and eat what I wanted, and socialize with my friends still too!

Over the past year and a half, I’ve learned how to find balance in my life. Here are my top 5 tips to help you do that too:

1.Schedule ONE (yes, you heard me right…ONE) cheat meal into your weekend, and have the rest of your meals for the weekend completely planned out. In fact, have them prepped as much as possible too! We tend to be on the go on weekends, and if you can’t easily heat something up or grab a snack to take with you, it’s ALL too easy to make an unhealthy choice instead!

If you will be eating more meals than just your one cheat meal out at a restaurant, then PLAN AHEAD! Look at the menus for the restaurants that you will be going to and pick out ahead of time what you are going to order. When you get there, don’t even open up the menu to be tempted by something else!

If you don’t know where you will be going to look at a menu ahead of time, then at least have an idea of what you will order – for example, veggies and a serving of protein (nothing fried or slathered in high-calorie sauces).

And eat a small snack before you go so that you’re not starving and accidentally inhale a bread basket or chow down on all of the chips and salsa before your meal gets there. (Can you tell that I speak from personal experience haha?)

2.Stay as on track as possible for as long into the day as possible. It’s usually pretty easy to wake up and eat a healthy breakfast right off the bat. But we all know that the later in the day it gets, the harder it is to make good choices (especially once you’ve had a few drinks 😉 ). That’s why I always save my cheat meal for dinner!

3.Go light on the carbs. Other than my cheat meal, I typically eliminate carbs from my diet on the weekend (or at least scale them back) if I plan on having wine…which let’s be honest…is basically every weekend haha!

Are you gonna be going over to friends’ houses for pool parties, or having people over to your place for one? Offer to bring something so that you know you can make a healthy contribution, or ask them to bring something healthy when they ask what they can bring! Veggies and hummus is a filling snack and WAY better for you than chips and dip! Guacamole, salad, fruit salad…all of those are great options!

Is someone gonna be grilling burgers? That’s fine! Just ditch the bun, and try to stick with cheese, salsa, and guacamole instead of processed condiments!

4.Drink lots of water! I try to make a point to have a glass of water with each of my five meals. And if I’m drinking wine, I make an effort to alternate each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water. Not only does it keep you from consuming as many calories, but it also keeps you more hydrated so that you are less likely to feel crappy the next day…which we all know leads to eating greasy “hangover” foods and skipping workouts 😉

5.Don’t skip your workouts! We’re all busy with plans with family and friends on the weekends, so get your workout in FIRST THING before you leave the house for the day and anything else can get in the way. If that means you have to wake up 30 minutes earlier to fit it in…DO IT!

I know this seems right now like it might be a drag, but just give it a try for ONE weekend and see what you think. My guess is you’ll find that you don’t regret the decisions that you made after the fact, and that you don’t feel like you were deprived of good food or a good time either!

And come Monday morning when you step on that scale (or better yet…take your pictures and measurements!), you’ll probably be MUCH happier with where you’re at too!

Want to learn more tips like this for living a healthier lifestyle while still living a balanced life? CLICK THE LINK BELOW to apply for a spot in my next 30-day online health and fitness accountability group, starting June 13th!



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