Why You’re FAILING at Fitness!

Katie and Jon Working out Together When I first started on my own weight loss journey back in September 2011, I can honestly say that the ONLY reason that I made it through the entire nine weeks of Insanity without skipping a workout or eating something that I shouldn’t have was because I had Jon’s support!

He’d come to the conclusion that it would be easier if we were both eating the same thing, than if we were preparing two entirely different meals for ourselves every day. Plus, he didn’t want to be tempting me with things that I wasn’t going to eat since I’d committed to following the meal plan 100% – no cheats!

So at first he decided that he was going to just follow the meal plan with me. But it didn’t take long for Jon to realize that if he was going to follow such a clean meal plan for 9 weeks, that he may as well do the workouts too and see what kind of results he could get.

So he would wake up early every morning and work out before going to work. I get to work at 6:30 in the morning, and I didn’t want to wake up any earlier than I already had to, so I decided that I would work out every day when I got home instead.

It kept me accountable knowing that if Jon came home from work and I hadn’t done my workout that day because it was one of those days when I just didn’t FEEL like doing it, how disappointed in myself would I have ended up being?

The only reason that Jon was even doing all of this was to be supportive of ME! So I would’ve felt like I COMPLETELY let him down if he’d woken up early to do his workout, and ate healthy ALL day long, and I’d decided to skip a day and eat something that wasn’t on our meal plan! There were a lot of days when that mindset was what kept me on track.

I remember one Sunday, we had a busy day planned – watching football with my best friend and her husband at a bar before going to the Arizona Cardinals game. Jon got his workout in that morning, and we were short on time, so I decided to wait until we got home that afternoon.

Well of course by that time, my workout was the LAST thing that I wanted to do! Jon actually put on workout clothes for the second time that day and did that workout with me ALL OVER AGAIN so that I was sure to get it done!

There were so many times when I thought that I was going to fail, but with the daily support, motivation and encouragement that I received from Jon, I DID IT. I stuck it out, stayed consistent, and FINISHED IT.
And by the end of it all, I felt AMAZING! It has truly changed the way that I live my life, and how I feel every single day.

But I know that not everyone has a support system at home, and that is why an online health and fitness accountability group is SUCH an important piece of the puzzle – support is CRITICAL to your success!

I absolutely LOVE running these groups – they not only help keep me on track myself, but they are also a way for me to pay it forward to others. The groups provide you with that same daily support, motivation, and encouragement that I got from Jon, to make sure that you find your own success also.

We are all there for each other in any way that we need! We celebrate our successes, and help lift each other up when we fall (hey, we’re all human…it happens sometimes).

Katie and Jon

Bottom line…we are on our journeys together!

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